I Wanna Thank...

Everyone that helped to make this all possible....

To my God and Heavenly Father who has blessed me with this awesome gift "My Voice", and the ability to interact and connect with people. Thank you for the passion and love of entertaining and carrying the shows as a solo act.

To my parents Carlton and Elizabeth Curry who has always believed in me. My father who has always said to "Do your own thing", and my loving mother Elizabeth who always asked "What are you doing with the music?" I can now say "I am doing something with the music" and "Doing my own thing". Thanks Mom and Dad!

To my Uncle William (now deceased), for teaching me during my youth how to harmonize. My musical blows are smooth and I thank you for that!

To my lovely and supportive wife (KIta) who has dealt with the constant singing of my favorite James Taylor song Carolina and supporting me through the years. You remain my biggest fan, critic, manager and supporter (morally and financially) from day one. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!!

To my family and friends who has given me support since the start of this journey at age 10.

To everyone that has hired me to sing at weddings, country clubs, parties, corporate events, festivals and retirement and assisted living communities.

To ALL of my YouTube FAMILY thank you for your subs, you guys are amazing to date over 9500.

And finally to all of the artists of my era and beyond that has given me the desire to sing from, The Standards, to Jazz, to Doo Wop, to R&B, to Folk, to Country, to Soft Rock and Pop. Thanks for your contribution!!!! 

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